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    News, views, information about the pub, the restaurant, brewery, Bo'ness, local news and any other sort of anything that takes our fancy.

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      It's always nice to get a pat on the back every so often when you get something right so we'll blow our own trumpet every so often right here!

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      Corbie Inn Bar & Pub

      What's happening in and around the pub and general news and information.

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  • Bar

    Welcome to the Corbie Inn, Bo'ness

    The Corbie Inn Bar, Bo'ness

    The newest pub to open in Bo'ness for some time offering the best of real ales & cask beers from local brewers, from south of the border and from further afield.

    Combined with a selection of home-made-style bar meals and pub grub it is the perfect place to enjoy a lunch or evening out with friends.

    No TV, no loud noise, no hassle, just a lot of people out and enjoying themselves in comfortable surroundings.

  • Restaurant

    The Corbie Inn RestaurantSelection of Good Food & Pub Grub at the Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness

    Although the main restaurant is not open yet, you will find a great selection of home-made-style food available in the bar.

    All meals and food are prepared fresh in our own kitchens refurbished to the highest standards to ensure the best of quality!

    The objective is to offer a good range of meals at the best prices and value for money.

    • Menus

      Daily and Special Menus

      The Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness has a fixed daily menu that you can expect to get each and any day you visit. In addition there will be daily specials available dependent on the availability of fresh meats and vegetables so its not possible to show them all.

      From time to time, like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and others the Corbie Inn will endeavour to offer something appropriate and special to celebrate the occasion and for that something a little bit different.

      And, maybe just for a little bit of fun!

  • Beer and Ales

    Real ale and beers at the Corbie InnReal Ales & Cask Beers at the Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness

    The pub was launched as a venue for the enjoyment of real cask ales and beers

    There are a growing number of good small and micro breweries popping up everywhere. And, thank goodness for that!

    Real ale is naturally produced generally from locally grown materials and we know of a number of small brewers growing their own hops even here in Scotland.

    Selection of Other Beers

    Although the focus is on real ales and cask beers, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, so in addition there is a full range of other beers and lagers to suit most tastes.

    But, you won't be able to try any unless you pop in and have a taste. There will be one that is right up your street!

  • Brewery

    The Kinniel Brewery at Corbie InnThe Kinneil Brew Hoose at Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness

    Kinneil Brew Hoose is an independent brewery located behind the Corbie Inn. It's the nearest thing to having a brewery tap!

    A traditional brewery, the Kinneil Brew Hoose, will be using only the finest malts and hops in their brews. All the beers will be overseen and personally mashed, fermented and cask conditioned to perfection before being allowed to leave the brewery.

  • Kinneill Brewery

    Kinneil Brew Hoose News

    What's going on behind the mash tuns and brew tanks at the Kinneil Brew Hoose.

    • Kinneil Brew Hoose Beers

      Integrated but independent brewery

      The Kinneil Brew Hoose is operated independently by Stuart Simpson who rents the brewery space from Gail Fairholm, owner and licensee of the Corbie Inn

      The first few casks to be sampled were so successful that one of the Kinneill Brew Hoose beers will be a permanent feature and house beer of the Corbie Inn.

    • Brewery News

      Real Ales and Cask Beers from Kinneil Brew Hoose Brewery

      The Kinneil Brew Hoose started brewing in late 2011 and had their first beer, Pennvael Amber, ready and on the pub counter in December. And, and it went down very well.

      Given that success has confirmed that the Kinneill Brew House has a bright future and new beers are in the making.

      Names given to the beers will continue to be based on local historical references as Bo'ness has a long relationship with brewing.

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