Daily Menu

Corbie Inn Bo'ness Daily MenuOur Daily Menu, below, so to speak, is just for starters! It shows what is 99% going to be available every day.

But, every day there are Specials, depending on what fresh ingredients are available on the day! 

A bit like Soup of the Day, there are Dishes of the Day and they will be displayed on the blackboard in and outside the pub.

You can always phone us on 01506 825307 just to check what they are so if what you fancy is not listed below give us a call!


Homemade Soup of the Day  3.95

Homemade Pate + Oatcakes  3.95

Breaded Garlic Mushrooms (v)  3.95

Prawn Cocktail  4.75

Sweet Chilli Prawns  4.95

Homemade Haggis Bon Bons      3.95

Black Pudding with Red Onion Chutney      3.95

Sweet Chilli Chicken      4.95

Combo      4.95

Barbecue Spare Ribs (home cooked)      4.95

Beef Chilli, Chicken or Vegetarian Nachos (v)      4.95

Main Dishes

Homemade Macaroni & Cheese (v)      6.45

6oz Gammon Steak with Egg & Pineapple      7.95

Breaded Scampi      7.95

Fresh Breaded Haddock      9.95

Fish of the Day              See Board

Homemade Steak Pie      8.45

Homemade Chicken & Ham Pie      7.95

Fresh Breast Chicken with Creamy Pepper Sauce      8.95

Fresh Breast Chicken with Haggis & Mustard Sauce      8.95

Homemade Lasagne/Vegetable Lasagne (v)      7.95

Corbie Burgers

Corbie Stack: 6oz Homemade Steakburger with Haggis, Bacon, BBQ Sauce, Homemade Onion Rings, Chips & Side Salad  8.95

6oz Homemade Steakburger with Cheese, Bacon, Chips & Side Salad  7.95

Homemade Cajun Chicken Burger, Chips & Side Salad  7.95

6oz Homemade Steakburger with Chilli & Cheese, Chips & Side Salad  8.45

Veggie Burger with Chips & Side Salad (v)  6.95

Something Special

Minute Steak Stuffed with Haggis in a Pepper & Mushroom Sauce  9.95

Cajun Chicken & Rump Steak Combo with Onion Rings, Chips & Coleslaw  9.95

BBQ Ribs & Cajun Chicken Combo with Onion Rings, Chips & Coleslaw  9.95

Chicken or Beef Enchalada  8.95

Sizzling Chicken or Beef Fajitas  9.95

BBQ Noodles with Chicken, Beef or Spicy Veg  8.95


All our freshly prepared salads consist of mixed leaves, tomato, cucumber, sliced peppers & boiled egg with homemade potato salad & coleslaw, balsamic dressing & nacho chips, served with chips or potatoes

Home Roasted Ham  7.95

Griddled or Cajun Chicken  8.95

Prawn  8.45

Cheese & Pineapple 7.45


All our burgers and chicken dishes are cooked from fresh so please allow 15 minutes from order


Side Portions

Side Salad      1.95

Extra Slice Bread/Toast      0.75

3 Slices of Garlic Bread      2.95

Chips (small)/ Chips (large)      1.25 / 2.50

Homemade Coleslaw     or Potato Salad or Red Onion Chutney each  0.95


3 Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream      3.25

Homemade Crumble      3.95

Homemade Cheesecake      3.95

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding      3.95

Belgian Waffles      3.95

Apple Pie  3.95

Chocolate Fudge Cake  4.25

Teas & Coffees

Latte, Cappucino, Espresso     - all  2.50

Liqueur Coffee     (spirit & Espresso)  4.95

Hot Chocolate  2.55

Tea      1.20

Flavoured Teas      1.50


Steak Pie & Chips (75p extra)

Sausage, Chips & Beans

Chicken Nuggets, Chips & Beans

Fish Fingers, Chips & Beans

Macaroni & Chips

(all including Ice Cream & Cordial Drink)  3.95


(v) suitable for vegetarians
Allergen information is available on request from any member of staff

All dishes are prepared from fresh when you order.

That means that it might take a little longer to be served, and we apologise, but we don't believe in Fast Food for the sake of it and would rather take a little bit longer to properly prepare and cook your food.


The Corbie Crow