Daily and Special Menus

The Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness has a fixed daily menu that you can expect to get each and any day you visit. In addition there will be daily specials available dependent on the availability of fresh meats and vegetables so its not possible to show them all.

From time to time, like Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day and others the Corbie Inn will endeavour to offer something appropriate and special to celebrate the occasion and for that something a little bit different.

And, maybe just for a little bit of fun!

Fair Day Menu 2018

Bo'ness Fair DayIt's that time of year again! Whoopee!

Fair Day!

Our Fair Day Menu available (see below). Bookings now being taken.

Call 01506 825307 or pop into pub to book nd pay the deposit* and secure your preferred Fair Day slot.

You can download a copy here.

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Daily Menu

Corbie Inn Bo'ness Daily MenuOur Daily Menu, below, so to speak, is just for starters! It shows what is 99% going to be available every day.

But, every day there are Specials, depending on what fresh ingredients are available on the day! 

A bit like Soup of the Day, there are Dishes of the Day and they will be displayed on the blackboard in and outside the pub.

You can always phone us on 01506 825307 just to check what they are so if what you fancy is not listed below give us a call!

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Kid's Menu

Children's Menu

(aged 11 and under)

Menu Listing: Kid's Menu

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