Good restaurant food and pub grub

Comfortatle eating area at Corbie Inn Bo'ness

Eating out at The Corbie Inn, Bo'ness

It took a long time coming but at last its open for good down to earth bar meals and good food.

The whole bar and eating area has been completely refurbished and is ready for you to enjoy some really good home-cooking-style food!

The refurbishment has been carried through to the kitchen area too and equipped to make sure you enjoy each and every mouthful.

And, if there is ever anything wrong, don't be shy, we would rather know as that is not what is intended.

Sit and enjoy a good meal or night out

The objective is to provide the best we can in good old-fashioned home-made-style cooking at a price that is great value for money.

Worth the wait! We hope you agree

Although it took a good bit longer, with some frustration and disappointments along the way the wait has been worth it!

Since opening the feedback has made it all worthwhile and the support already experienced is both welcome and heart-warming.

The Corbie Crow