Brewing returns to Bo’ness

Cheers for Pennvael Amber Real Ale

Pennvael Amber going down very well, Cheers!

As reported in the Bo’ness Journal & Gazette last Friday 27 January, the first brew on the market from the Kinneil Brew Hoose, is going down very well, in more ways than one.

In additional to going down very well with real ale enthusiasts since its launch, in the only two remaining real ale pubs in Bo’ness, its even gone down south and broken into the English market! A special order was placed for a traditional Burns Supper in London.

Pennvael Amber, as its name might suggest, is an amber coloured beer, well hopped and full-bodied with plenty of flavour. And, at 4.00% abv not too strong so a couple won't go wrong!

Tradition of brewing revived in Bo’ness

The name was chosen, Stuart Simpson the brewer explains, as Pennvael was the Pictish name for Kinneil and in the 17C the main occupation of the villagers was malting and brewing.

At the time brewing was not done on a commercial scale and the Kinneil villagers would have brewed in a small dwelling or hoose.

Kinneil Brew Hoose

The Kinneil Brew Hoose is operated independently by Stuart Simpson who rents the brewery space from Gail Fairholm, owner and licensee of the Corbie Inn.

Stuart, originally an electronics engineer and keen home brewer, has turned his hobby into a new career as a brewer and now works full-time from the micro-brewery attached to the Corbie Inn.

Pennvael Amber is the very first of the beers to be made available but there is plans for more to be added to the range but getting the first right was always the main objective.

On that basis, as Gail said, “The first one was always going to go down well but the response has been great”. Not surprisingly the response has been the same wherever it has been available.

And, that can only be good for the future of the Kinneil Brew Hoose, putting Bo’ness back on the brewing map of Scotland and for those of us who enjoy the real thing!

The Corbie Crow