Real Ales and Cask Beers from Kinneil Brew Hoose Brewery

The Kinneil Brew Hoose started brewing in late 2011 and had their first beer, Pennvael Amber, ready and on the pub counter in December. And, and it went down very well.

Given that success has confirmed that the Kinneill Brew House has a bright future and new beers are in the making.

Names given to the beers will continue to be based on local historical references as Bo'ness has a long relationship with brewing.

New Beer: Caer Edin Dark Ale

Caer Edin - a dark beer from Kinneil Brew HooseKinneil Brew Hoose launch new beer

March 2012 saw the Kinneil Brew Hoose (KBH) working on their newest brew. The beer was officially trialled in the Corbie Inn during the first week of April.

Originally named TCB (there was a little competition to work out what it meant) it was such a hit that it ran out within the first couple of days.

Luckily, there was backup and with the brewery just minutes away the second firkin was on the bar again before you could say, "What I've missed it, again"!

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Brewing returns to Bo’ness

Gail Fairholm and Stuart Simpson, Kinneil Brew HoosePennvael Amber going down very well, Cheers!

As reported in the Bo’ness Journal & Gazette last Friday 27 January, the first brew on the market from the Kinneil Brew Hoose, is going down very well, in more ways than one.

In additional to going down very well with real ale enthusiasts since its launch, in the only two remaining real ale pubs in Bo’ness, its even gone down south and broken into the English market!

A special order was placed for a traditional Burns Supper in London.

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Pennvael Amber Delivery

Pennvael Amber gets delivered!Pennvael Amber Delivery

Last post announced that Our very first cast beer is here - Pennvael Amber and would be on for tasting this weekend from 9 December 2011!

But, before that can happen it has to racked up, broached and left to settle for a day or so to make sure it is just right!

Although the brewery is just next door there is no direct link so the very first barrel of Pennvael Amber made the short delivery from brewery to bar and on to cellar to get setup.

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Our very first cast beer is here - Pennvael Amber

Sparging the wortOur very first beer is now here!

After all the Mashing and Sparging, all the Boiling, all the Fermenting, all the Racking, all the Conditioning, all the sweat, nae blood, but plenty tears...

Pennvael Amber is the first beer from the new Kinneil Brew Hoose. On the bar from Saturday 10 December 2011.

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