Integrated but independent brewery

The Kinneil Brew Hoose is operated independently by Stuart Simpson who rents the brewery space from Gail Fairholm, owner and licensee of the Corbie Inn

The first few casks to be sampled were so successful that one of the Kinneill Brew Hoose beers will be a permanent feature and house beer of the Corbie Inn.

Fair Ale 3.6%

Fair Ale 3.6% abvFair Ale - 3.6% abv (seasonal)

Fair Ale is a straw coloured, 3.6% and hoppy with a slightly floral/perfume aroma and with citrus and grassy tasting notes from the use of Fuggles and Styrian Goldings hops.

Drinkers thought the flavour belied the relatively low gravity of the beer, and variously described it as

  • “quite dry”
  • “refreshing
  • “hoppy”
  • and - “Ah liked the first twa better!” (see Bo'ness Fair Ale 2012 for explanation of last comment)!

“No' ma cup o' tea, like - but then Ah drink lager!” There's just no pleasing some folk, is there!

Caer Edin Dark Ale 4.2%

Caer Edin Dark AleCaer Edin Dark Cask Ale - 4.2% abv

Caer Edin is a:-

  • Dark coloured ale
  • Characteristic hoppy aftertaste
  • With hints of liquorice

Easily drinkable at 4.2% ABV.

Pennvael Amber 4.0%

Pennvael Amber 4.00 abv

Pennvael Amber Cask Beer - 4.00% abv

As the beer's name implies, it's a:-

  • Lovely amber coloured beer
  • Well hopped and with
  • Plenty of flavour.

Very quaffable at 4.0% ABV.

The Corbie Crow