Corbie Inn Bar - Bo'ness

Corbie Inn Bar

Sit and enjoy a good meal or night out

The Bar at The Corbie Inn, Bo'ness

The bar has been completely refurbished! Well, completely rebuilt having needed far more refurbishment that at first anticipated.

And, its been refurbished to the highest standards to both minimise heating costs and conserve energy and that has been carried through to the kitchen area too.

In turn that means that you can enjoy your visit, night out or meal in warm and comfortable surroundings.

Worth the wait!

Although it took a good bit longer, with some frustration and disappointments along the way the wait has been worth it!

Since opening the feedback has made it all worthwhile and the support already experienced is both welcome and heart-warming.

Refurbished bar at the Corbie Inn, Bo'nessThe Bar

For anyone who can remember what it was like before they will see a big difference!

The bar itself and gantry have all been made personally by Giles Fairholm of Fairholm Joinery as has all the other woodwork.

Wood has a natural warmth and quality and its not unusual to see someone standing at the bar just running their hand over the surface.

And, its not to keep it clean, its just for the pleasure of feeling the natural warmth it gives.

There is something about wood and other natural materials that makes you just want to touch it!

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