Heart of the Community

The Corbie Inn

Opened at the end on 28 October 2011 the objective was always to offer local real ales and good homemade pub grub in a safe, child & family-friendly environment.

Judging by many of the comments on Tripadvisor both these objectives have been largely achieved.

Supporting community activities has always been seen as important and since opening local groups, organisations and special events have been supported.

Bo'ness Rugby Club

Bo'ness Rugby Club

 One of the first, after opening, was when the Bo’ness Rugby Club was formed in 2012.

They were sponsored and supplied with their first set of jerseys for their inaugural game against Murrayfield Wanderers.

Bo’ness United Junior football club has also been supported.

Bo'ness Enterprise Scouts

On Friday 27 December 2013, although closed for Christmas and New Year holidays, the pub opened its doors to the Bo’ness Enterprise Scouts who held a Mini Ale Fest.

It raised £1700 on the day and enabled them to buy extreme weather tents to give members a taste of the ‘real’ outdoors.

Bo'ness Exprlorer Scouts Mini Beer Fest
Polar Academy

Polar Academy

Two talks by our very own polar explorer Craig Mathieson, head of the Polar Academy

Local History

Roman Week & Silent Film Festival

Special themed events in support of the now annual, Roman Week and Silent Film Festival have also been hosted.

Roman Week

Local History

Since opening a number of free local history talks have been hosted and presented by local historian Robert Jardine

Beer Garden

The beer garden, opened June 2013, in time for the Bo’ness Children’s Fair has been the venue for a number of local, well-attended & successful events.

The beer garden has also been a big success with dog owners and walkers who until it opened were disadvantaged due to serving food in the bar.

And, with the dog pens available they can also eat inside if the weather is not always the best outside.

Beer Garden on Fair Day
CRUK Stand Up To Cancer

CRUK Stand Up To Cancer

Cancer Research UK ran a ‘Burger Off Cancer’ BB on Sunday 20 July 2014.

Cal Lindsay (CRUK) commented on Facebook, “What a Fantastic day and so happy you raised so much for Cancer research UK, Well done Guys and Gals”.

Guy Fawkes

It was also the venue on Guy Fawkes Night 2014 for a surprise free fireworks display organised in conjunction with BRAAS (Bo’ness Real Ale Appreciation Society, sponsors) and Bo’ness Enterprise Scouts.

Another very well attended and appreciated event. There has been one every year since!

Video courtesy of Huck Finn Imagery.

"Love how the Corbie Inn supports events like this...

... can't believe you've only been in the town for a few years, it feels so much like you are part of the town's character and have been forever."
Jackie Mitchell
Jackie Mitchell
former editor of the Bo'ness Journal/Linlithgow Gazette

Alzheimer's Club

One of the smaller but really worthwhile activities is hosting the Alzheimer’s Club. The members come along and for a couple of hours each month and reminisce about past, sometimes forgotten memories.

The Corbie with another local group (BRAAS) provided funds to buy them all matching tops for their regular outings and a trip to Hampden. It proved to be a huge success helping bring back many memories.

Crow's Eye View

The Corbie’s customers have also proved to be very supportive. 

Charlie Simpson (Huck Finn Imagery), with his ‘flying camera gismo’ took a series of aerial photos, and converted into a video, gives the Corbie’s mascot Crow’s Eye View from on high!

Getting You Home

In response to licensing legislation changes, and local public transport issues, the Corbie Inn has introduced a Getting You Home service.

Regular customers can now continue to enjoy the company of friends without the worry of getting home and it’s proving to be another huge success.

Heart of Community Award

In recognition of the community activities, The Corbie Inn was awarded the Best Bar None (BBN) ‘Heart of Community’ title for 2015.

The Corbie Team are committed to the work, events and activities that achieved the Heart of the Community award and continue to support local groups, events and activities.