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Whisky Tasting - September 2017

Special Whisky Tasting

6 Special Whiskies from limited bottlings

Bo'ness Whisky Appreciation Society

Another great Bo’ness Whisky Appreciation Society Whisky Tasting. Saturday 23 September 2017 at approx. 8pm in the Corbie Inn.

6 Specially Selected Malts + Some Extras

6 special whiskies to taste, a few you will have never tasted before! And, some extras plus raffle to win bottle of Bruichladdich Sftc Bottling at 60.4% abv.

Alan Mitchell, whisky embassador from Straight from the Cask, has run some of our most successful tasting events.

Numbers limited! If you are a lover of whisky or fancy getting to know your national drink that wee bit better, contact the Corbie Inn on 01506 825307 to book your ticket now (see below).

Bruichladdich 11 Year Old Sftc Bottling at 60.4% abv

Whisky Menu

  1. Bruichladdich 11 Year Old Sftc Bottling at 60.4% abv.
  2. Glenmorangie Port Wood (Old Style) at 43% abv.
  3. Balblair 2005 at 46% abv.
  4. Lord Elcho Blend at 40% abv.
  5. Kilchoman 100% Islay at 50% abv.
  6. Glengoyne 10 Year Old - Jolomo - at 40% abv.

plus some Extra Drams For The Lucky Ones! and raffle for Bruichladdich Sftc Bottling at 60.4% abv.


  • Saturday 23 September 2017
  • 8pm approx.
  • Limited Numbers (phone 01506 825307)
  • Quiz
  • Raffle ( Bruichladdich Sftc Bottling at 60.4% abv.)
  • Ticket (paid in advance) - £25

A wonderful get together at the Corbie Inn Bo'ness.... “looking forward to the next one already”Alan Mitchell, straight from the cask.

Look forward to seeing you for another really enjoyable and informative night!

The Corbie Crow