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Memories on Tap in the Pub

Helping bring back memories

Pub turning into cinema to help memory

The Corbie Inn is turning into a cinema to help bring back memories for older people and dementia sufferers using classic film footage. 

Revellers may not remember everything after a session in the pub. But, the Corbie Inn is aiming to ensure visitors on Wednesday will. 

Screen Memories is an initiative using old movies featuring legends like Humphrey Bogart and Fred & Ginger

The Corbie already hosts monthly meetings of the Alzheimer Scotland Football Memories programme.

Early trials have proved effective and Bo’ness has a rich cinema history through the iconic Hippodrome Cinema

From rare archives, Screen Memories will show films many people might never have seen before. These will include Bo’ness Fair footage going way back.  And, in later sessions,

These will include Bo’ness Fair footage going way back.  And, in later sessions, rare film of Bo’ness games against Forth Rangers and Grange Rovers

Gail Fairholm said: “We have seen the great work the guys do with the football group. I’m sure the film-based sessions will be as effective. Our function room will make an ideal venue and we're all looking forward to our first event.”

Michael White from Alzheimer Scotland said: “We couldn’t have a better venue for our first session. The Corbie Inn staff have been so good to us and have been excellent supporters.” 

The first session is on Wednesday 25 January and starts at 10.30am.

All are welcome and it's Free!

The Corbie Crow