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Cathal McConnell at the Corbie

Folk Music in Bo'ness

Cathal McConnell playing flute

Venue: Corbie Inn
When: Sunday 24 April
Time: 1pm
Entry: Free

After many years of, well, not much happening on the folk scene, we have two major events in April!

The main attraction is Cathal McConnell. Cathal is from County Fermanagh and a founder member of the great Boys of the Lough.

Now living in Edinburgh (when not on tour), he says he'd like to get more people, outside the cities, involved in the tradition. 

Cathal had lunch a couple of time at the Corbie Inn and decided it would be an ideal place for a folk music session. 

As ever, Bo'ness hasn't been slow to take him up on this!

World Class & Acclaimed

Cathal is a world class player of flute and whistle, as well as one of the great Irish traditional singers. 

His Boys of the Lough play international concert halls and festival stages all over the world and have done since 1967.

As trailblazers around the world, they paved the way for Irish and Scottish folk groups to follow.

Cathal at the Corbie

It's a free entry and starts at 1 pm on Sunday 24th April.

It's a Sunday afternoon session in the recently opened function space at the Corbie Inn in Corbiehall, Bo'ness. 

Cathal will be bringing along musicians and singers to get things going. Among them will be Alex Morris, Sylvia McGowan, John McIlwhan. 

Many of the entertainers from the first bowling club gig (see below) will be along so it's going to be a gig not to miss!  

If you are a traditional singer or musician come along and join in a session -  you're all welcome. Lots of local people are expected to come along and take part. 

Or just come along and listen to what's going to be a great afternoon's entertainment.

Bo'ness Bowling Club 

Cathal's first appearance is at Bo'ness Bowling Club in Grange Terrace on Saturday, April 9th starting at 7.30pm. 

An ever-growing list of performers will be taking to the stage. 

Edinburgh's Jinglin' Geordie, Sylvia McGowan, and Eileen Penman (both from Stairheed Gossip) are appearing. Local entertainers Cunzie Neuk, and The Malting Boys are also on the bill. 

Tickets for that one are £5 and selling fast and the organisers suggest you don't rely on paying at the door!

The Corbie Crow