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Well, this Plot was a total Success!

Crows Eye View of Fireworks

And, the Corbie Crow was there to watch from above...

Although the Plot was a closely kept secret the word seemed to get out and crowds started to gather around 6.30pm to see what it was about. 

While waiting to find out they could enjoy some sizzling sausages on sticks and hot pies to keep the cold at bay.

Gunpowder, treason & plot

The Plot, hatched this time by Bo'ness Scouts, involved no parliamentarians or treason but gunpowder did feature.

And as a result the sky lit up in the traditional and expected way.

The Crow's Eye View

The Corbie Crow is certainly getting the hang of this aerial photography lark and was up there seeing how it all looked from above.

Thanks, once again, goes to Charlie Simpson for helping our Corbie take this wee video.

Proceeds going to charity

Brian Hawkins as the Ghoul

A ghoul and a strange girl were also there collecting on behalf of CRUK (Cancer Research UK) and the crowd were very generous with their donations.

The Corbie Inn were delighted to support The Scouts and thanks goes to them and BRAAS (Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society) who sponsored and helped light up the sky.

Lastly, does anyone know who it was that can't keep a secret?

The Corbie Crow