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Cadenhead Choice Whisky Tasting

Cadenhead Whisky Tasting

Whisky Tasting with The Jolly Toper

supported by Cadenhead's

Another Whisky Tasting but this time hosted by The Jolly Toper Tastings

Jolly Toper’s whisky tastings normally take place on Thursday nights at The Kilderkin, 65/67 Canongate, Royal Mile, Edinburgh but every so often goes walk-about.

This is one of those times and it promises to be of special interest with some that you just might not have come across before (food available up to the time of the tasting).

Date: Thursday 19th June

Venue: Corbie Inn.

Time: 8pmish

Cost: £20/head

Highland Park

Tastings aim to inform and entertain

The relaxed approach is still structured and props are used so the tastes and smells of the various influences on production can be experienced first hand.

For example there will be the opportunity to smell and/or taste both malted and un-malted barley, yeast and new make spirit.

The Whiskies

Highland Park 28 year old 1985 - 10/13 Bourbon hogshead 252 bottles 48.3% Cadenheads

An interesting example of a high profile malt, best known for its medium bodied 12 year old expression this aged example shows a much milder side to the Orcadian dram

Glendronach Malt WhiskyGlendronach Revival 15 year old oloroso sherry casks 46%

Doing what Macallan used to do years ago - full bodied sherry cask maturation and at half the price.

North British Malt Whisky

Islay vatted malt 58.2% Cadenheads

Classic smoke and peat from the west coast island - shows  you what can be done by carefully mixing single malts.

North British 24 year old single grain 1989 - 2014 Bourbon barrel 240 bottles 46% Cadenheads

Never officially bottled for sale to the public and a great example of the rarely tried grain whisky, sweet vanilla - what's not too like?

Campbeltown Loch 21 year old 46% blend

From the owners of Springbank - write off blends at your loss.... 

Book early as places are limited and going fast!

The Corbie Crow