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Funny in Falkirk - Gary Little - Big at Corbie Inn

Gary Little–Big at Corbie Inn for Funny in Falkirk Festival

A great night seemed to be had by all at the first of two events to be held at the Corbie Inn in support of the 3rd Funny in Falkirk Comedy Festival.

Gary LittleGary Little – It’s all True!

Glasgow comedian with a postgraduate from the University of Hard Knocks, Gary Little lived up to expectations in a performance that had a packed crowd (standing room only, luckily close to the bar!) in stitches from start to finish.

Hard to believe but as he says “It’s all true”! In typical stand-up fashion, split between two sessions, he kept the laughter coming from start to finish.

If the first event is anything to go by then make sure you get the last of the tickets available for next week’s performance:-

Corbie Comedy!

A comedy night hosted by Susie McCabe with John Gavin ‘Hard hitting and side splitting’ Daily Record, Davey Connor ‘He hit the nail on the head’ Herald, and Jim Park ‘Crowd favourite… original jokes… a highlight’ Stage.

If you’re not there you will miss another great night! And, as Gary says, “Obvious, but it's all true”!

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The Corbie Crow