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Bo'ness Rugby Club at Play

Shield presented to BRC by MRC

Bo'ness Rugby Club make Corbie Inn their Home at Home

The recenly formed Bo'ness Rugby Club had their first game on Saturday the 25 February 2012.

Their first game was against Murrayfield Wanderers 3rds team.

The game kicked off at 1pm and was followed by a presentation of photographs, sheilds and the usual drinks in the Wanderers club house.

As the very first game it was a memorable one even although they were not the victors.

Murrayfield Rugby Club presented Bo'ness Rugby Club with a commemoration Shield to commemorate the event.

Bo'ness Rugby Home Base

Earlier in the year BRC (Bo'ness Rugby Club) came to an agreement with Gail to make the Corbie Inn their home base where they and visiting clubs can enjoy the traditional apre-game socialising (sometimes the best part of the day, depending on the result)

Inaugural Game Ball

After their inaugural game at Murrayfield they all returned to the Corbie Inn and to commemorate their first game and to christen their new home (in more ways than one) presented the signed game ball to Gail and the Corbie Inn.

The team play at home on alternative Saturdays and will be a regular feature until the end of this season.

The hope is that by the start on the 2012/2013 season they will be able to join the national leagues.

The only thing standing in their way is finding a suitable pitch in Bo'ness they can call their 'home' pitch.

The wheels have been set in motion and it is hoped that things will turn out as needed so they can fully participate in the sporting life of Bo'ness.

The Corbie Crow