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Another great quiz night!

Corbie Inn Corbiehall Quiz Night

Corbie Inn’s second quiz night another great night!

The Corbie's second quiz night, held on Tuesday 28 February 2012 turned out to be another really good night with 10 teams, this time, 2 more than in January, hotly contesting for the first prize of a £25.00 pub gift voucher. 

And, the winner this month was (and he was taking no prisoners!) – Clint Eastwood!

Well, it wasn't really him, although he would be very welcome if he was to ever pop in, but a new team to the quiz, using the great man's name as their own nom de plume (whatever that means), getting first prize!

  • 1st Prize: £25.00 Corbie Inn Gift Voucher

Congratulations to them! The same question as put to last month's winners; can you keep it up? We all look forward to next month to see!

Just behind in runner-up position were Ah Dunno, getting knocked off their perch from last month

They no doubt will have Clint in their sights, next month, and are sure to try and blow him away in typical Dirty Harry style.

  • 2nd Prize: They Chose a Bottle of Merlot

This month a Booby Prize of a Box of Liquorice Alsorts was also being challenged for and won by ....... We won't embarrass them as they know who they are and we're sure they will want to be challenging to get off the bottom spot if for no other reason than for the sake of their dental care!


Aggis Army Ah Dunno
Anthrax Drum Bell's Angels
Bravehearts Cinderella and 2 Sisters
Clint Eastwood Heart Start
MX5's Young Ones + Me

The Quiz

The quiz started as usual just after 7.30pm consisting of 50 questions in 5 categories and a picture round: 

  • General Knowledge
  • Nature & Science
  • Music
  • TV
  • Miscellaneous
  • 10 Pictures (looked pretty difficult to me!)

Quiz nights will be on the last Tuesday of the month so mark it down in your diary for next month 27 March. Don't worry though as there will be a reminder on Facebook nearer the time!

Hope everyone who took part this time will be there again and see if they can do a Dirty Harry on Clint this time round!

So, see you all next time!

The Corbie Crow