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Linlithgow folk invade Bo’ness hostelry!

Invasion of Linlithgow folk!

Birthday CakeSunday night saw the Corbie Inn invaded by some folks over the hill, from Linlithgow, over the Flints that is!

Luckily, they were only armed with guitars, banjos, flutes, ukalayle and bodhran (that’s an Irish drum to you and me) for a special celebration night in the pub.

60th Birthday Bash

It was George Boyle’s 60th birthday bash and as a well known local folk singer, musician and band member, fellow musicians, a good many well known in the Linlithgow folk scene, descended on the pub around 7 o’clock for what was to be a very good, fun night.

And, with them came a lot of excellent music and singing which was almost non-stop until throwing out time at 11pm. Not that any needed to be thrown as they were all very well-behaved and hardly spilt a drop of anything.

George on the moothiePub booked for the night

George and Susan had booked the pub for the evening and although it was an invitation event for friends, relations and fellow musicians it was not restricted and anyone visiting the pub as usual on a Sunday night were in for an extra and unexpected treat.

Not only were they able to enjoy some really amazing talent but if they stayed on till about 9pm were also able to enjoy the added bonus of a pie and some sandwiches to go along with their beer.

They're a talented bunch, the Boyle's, that's George on the flute this time and his step-daughter, Megan, on the fiddle, so to speak! And, that's Gail's mum (below) dishing out the start of the rolls and sandwiches (somebody's got to do it)!

George on flute and Megan on the fiddle

Possible similar events for future!

It was the first event of it kind to be held in the pub and it proved to   be well attended, enjoyed and a great night for all into the bargain.

It was so successful that there is a possibility, being looked at, of hosting a similar musical evening every month or so.

When asked, a good number of the musicians said the bar area was an excellent layout for a ‘jam session’ and would be happy to come back again for something similar if it were to be arranged!

What do you think; would it be a winner?

The Corbie Crow