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Hippodrome, Bo'ness - Sounds of Silence Movie

On at the Hippodrome this Friday 2 December 2011 is the second instalment in Louis Feuillade's five-part Fantomas serial which is celebrating its centenary this year. 

Fantomas dangerous fully-fledged villianOn at the Hippodrome Cinema, Bo'ness

Juve contre Fantomas (Juve Against Fantomas)

The French Film Festival UK always has shown a keen interest in the roots of cinema from the silent era. 

On at the Hippodrome this Friday 2 December 2011 is the second instalment in Louis Feuillade's five-part Fantomas serial which is celebrating its centenary this year. 

Accompanied with a live score by cult Parisian DJs RadioMentale it sees a substantial shift towards the more familiar action thriller, making a spectacular contrast to the first in the series born in 1911.

Juve contre Fantomas has many pleasures, most notably the rapid sequence of action scenes. Within minutes of escaping a terrible train disaster, our heroes are fighting for their lives amidst a raging inferno at a distillery, and more is to come! Tom Cruise and Matt Damon look to your laurels. 

The characters of Juve and Fantomas are also more fully developed and it is clear that what is developing is a bitter fight to the death. 

Less spectre-like and abstract than in the first film, Fantomas is now revealed to be a dangerous, fully-fledged villain, thoroughly consumed by evil.

Fast and furious and full of suspense

The pace is relentless and breathtaking and such a mastery of the suspense thriller so long before Hitchcock and other masters of the genre is quite remarkable that Feuillade had achieved.

After that you will need to pop along to the Corbie Inn for a light refreshment, glass of wine or even something stronger.

The Corbie Crow