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£1,551 raised for Alzheimers Scotland Football Memories (Bo'ness)

How to go from £100 to £1,551 for charity in 6 months!

Presentation to Alzheimers Scotland Football Memories Bo'ness

It all started with a Silver Wedding Present.

A cask of real ale was bought and sold as Siver Wolf to raise money for the charity 

It did - so it was decided to do it again!

After taking the Vat off, (the Vat Man doesn't raise much money for charity), the total stood at £440.

But, there was more brewing in the background!

One of the Corbie's regulars, who wants to remain nameless, decided to give up smoking and put £5 away every day for charity.

Another two regulars, John Macdonald and Roddy Watson then decided to give up shaving for the month of December (that's them on either side of the cheque). Looks like Roddy has decided to keep his for a wee while longer!

After being topped up by the Corbie, the total stood at £800. Our 'nameless' donor promptly boosted the total up to £1,200.

BRAAS (Bo'ness Real Ale Appreciation Society), a past supporter of the local Alzheimers group, added the difference taking the total to £1,500.

After a wee 'whip round' (nor literally, of course) in the Corbie Inn, another £51 was added.

And, that how you can end up with £1,551 from £100 in just six months!

Organisers of the Local Alzheimers Scotland Football Memories (Bo'ness) were presented with a cheque in the Corbie on Monday 4 January 2016.

The Corbie Crow