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Espre Gourmet Coffee Beer

Espre Gourmet Coffee Beer @ Bo'ness Real Ale Festival

Espre Coffee Gourmet Beer

It's a collaboration between two Bo'ness businesses to bring you an unique tasting beer.

Kinneil Brewhoose, attached to Corbie Inn, and Tapside Coffee Company have joined forces to produce a very singular ale from a well loved existing recipe with the addition of Tapside's own Espre Coffee blend. (See below.)

Got to be tasted to fully appreciate it's full flavour (just like any good coffee).

And, surprise, surprise, you will have the opportunity of tasting it this weekend at the Bo'ness Real Ale Festival opening at 5pm Friday 2 October.

At 3.5% abv it's not too strong, not to weak, maybe just how you like your coffee!

Even if coffee isn't your tipple there are 34 other ales and 4 ciders to sample and it's a great 2 days in the Bo'ness Calendar.

Bo'ness Real Ale Festival in the Town Hall

Friday 5 - 11 pm

Saturday 12 noon - 11 pm

But, don't fret if you can't make it, there is every possibility you will find it behind the bar in the not too distand future!


The Corbie Crow