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Bo'ness Fair Week Pub Quiz

Corbie Inn Corbiehall Quiz Night

Quiz Night Reminder and last month update!

This months', June Quiz, is a special as if you hadn't noticed, It's Fair Week!

As always it is on last Tuesday of every month and the June quiz is on 26th as usual starting between 7.30 & 8pm.

And, to make it a wee bit special some bright spark suggested a fancy dress night and a Bo'ness Fair theme for the quiz.

That's what it's going to be, so get togged up and get down for some Fair fun!

And, in last month's quiz (May) the punks got their own back on Clint Eastwood. I say punks but they were, in fact, Angels!

The teams were (in no particular order):

3s A Crowd Bells Angels
Last Again Two of Us
Wooden Spoons The A Do Knows
Railway Children Team Heartstart
Niether Di Wee Clint Eastwood


Winners last month (May) were:

1st: Bells Angels

2nd: Clint Eastwood

3rd: Niether Do Wee

Well done to them in knocking Clint off his perch and to all the teams who took part. We're sure Clint will be polishing up his magnum (the most powerful handgun in the world) and have its sights on that no1 spot again.

And, just for interest sake: Last Again wern't!

So good luck to everyone and see you all on Tuesday!

The quiz, as in previous months, is run by Grant's Discos who can be contacted on 0797 748 6444 and available for Quiz Nights, 60s/70s Karioke, Parties and Weddings (with all latest chart hits included).

The Corbie Crow