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Corbie Inn and Pennvael Amber support 4X4 Golf Challenge

Macmillan 4x4 Golf Challenge

Corbie Inn & Pennvael Amber support local golf charity challenge

Last weekend, in support of a charity golf challenge match, all the proceeds of the sale of cask of local brewery, Kinneil Brew Hoose, Pennvael Amber was donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support Charity.

Beer donated by Kinneil Brew Hoose

A cask of the real ale, Pennvael Amber, was gifted to the golf challenge with all the proceeds of sale of the beer over the bar donated to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

You might have missed it as the 68 pints didn't seem to take all that long to disappear but you should still have had the opportunity to donate to this worthwhile charity as there was a bucket to drop any change into available.

In fact, some non-ale drinkers did just that! And, a big thank-you to them, too.

The 4X4 Golf Challenge

Local West Lothian Golf Club member, Scott Somerville, has organised a 24 hour golf challenge! The challenge is to play 4 rounds of 4 ball golf matches in 1 day.

The four friends, Scott Somerville, Andy Strickland, George Howat and Gordon Fraser aim to complete the challenge on Monday 2 July.

Let's wish them all the best and hope that the weather is going to be kind to them.

It's bad enough playing one round in the rain but having to change in and out of wet golf gear another 3 times will be as much of a challenge as the golf itself.

So, here's hoping and good luck, Scott and the boys!

The Corbie Crow