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New Brewery - New Beer Launch

Meet the Brewer and Beers!

Hybrid Brewing - meet the brewer

It's always good news when a new brewery opens, especially when it is a new local brewery.

Hybrid Brewing has opened their doors in Grangemouth and are now in full production of both cask and bottled beers. 

After an initial launch last Friday, in Cloisters in Edinburgh, they are having a second launch on home territory.

And, the Corbie Inn is delighted to host the evening on Friday 12 August 2016.

Their stated aim is to put a twist on contemporary craft beers and breath new life into classic real ales.

If real ale is your thing, you have the opportunity of tasting two of their first ales: Extra Pale Ale at 4.4% abv and Hind Sight, a session IPA, at 3.9% abv.

Apex Pale Ale

 Hind Sight Session Pale Ale


It's also rumoured that some of their bottle-conditioned sparkling ale may also make an appearance so you will have the chance to taste a few of them too.

Looking forward to both tasting the beers and hopefully seeing you there as well. Cheers!

The Corbie Crow