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The Corbie Inn Beers and Cask Ales

News, updates and hopefully interesting information all about real ale and cask beers.

New Brewery - New Beer Launch

Meet the Brewer and Beers!

Hybrid Brewing - meet the brewer

It's always good news when a new brewery opens, especially when it is a new local brewery.

Hybrid Brewing has opened their doors in Grangemouth and are now in full production of both cask and bottled beers. 

After an initial launch last Friday, in Cloisters in Edinburgh, they are having a second launch on home territory.

And, the Corbie Inn is delighted to host the evening on Friday 12 August 2016.

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The Beer O’Clock Show

Still thinking about – The Kinneil Brew Hoose

Gail and Stuart with a pint of Pennvael Amber beerIt’s always nice to get a pat on the back! It makes you feel you are, at least, doing something right.

And, especially when you didn’t know anything about it.

The Beer O’Clock Show is a blog that styles itself Real beer reviews for real people and visited to interview Stuart Simpson, brewer and ‘heid’ everything at the Kinneil Brew Hoose.

I’m sure you are, but in case you were not aware, the brew hoose is at the back of the Corbie Inn (and we always have one of the beers on the bar).

The writer of the blog only lives a half-hour away and says he didn’t even know about the brewery but didn’t even know Bo’ness existed either! All the more surprising as the blog includes items about and from all over the UK!

Thanks to Stuart for passing on the link to the blog post here.

There is a bit about the history of the brewery and a wee Q&A with Stuart about the whys, the hows and whatfors!

Buy Kinneil Brewhoose Beers Online

Kinniel Beers at Real Ale WarehouseKinneil Brewhoose Beers can now be bought online!

The Real Ale Warehouse in Motherwell is now selling the standard range of the Kinneil Brewhoose's beers online at a very reasonable price of £2.28/bottle.

The Kinneil Brewhoose is a microbrewery that can produce up to 90 gallons of ale some of which is being bottled and you can get it whenever you want now. 

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Bo'ness Fair Ale 2012

Fair E'en Ale

First there was Fair E'en brewed by Kinneil Brew Hoose for Fair Day at the Corbie Inn

It was ready to go on sale the day before Fair Day (“Fair E'en”), so what better name for it?

Cathy's idea for the name, and the font clip suggested itself. For those who are not actually Scots, “E'en” also means “eyes”.

Anyway, the beer sold out in 24 hours, and another cask was duly broached. “Ye cannae call it “Fair E'en” on the Fair Day” said Gail. 

So: another name, another font clip, another pun...

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Kinneil Brew Hoose on the Bar

Caer Eding Dark Ale house beerKinneil Brew Hoose Beers - Corbie Inn House Ales

The Corbie Inn and The Kinneil Brew Hoose are neighbours, Kinneil Brew Hoose rents their brewery space, they are related businesses and friends into the bargain!

Not a bad combination for a long-term relationship.

That relationship has been further confirmed with an agreement that, at least, one of their beers will be on tap at all times to become the house ale of the Corbie Inn.

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New Ciders at Corbie Inn, Bo'ness

Range of Ciders at Corbie Inn

The Corbie Inn is more than just a real ale pub as anyone who has visited will confirm!

In addition to the six real ales on the bar at all times (some do go off from time to time) and the range of standard beers on offer there is also, now, an even better range of ciders available.

From day one Strongbow and Thirstly Cross Original cider have been available, soon supported, by both Bulmers and Magners in bottles and proving increasingly popular.

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The Corbie Crow