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Napoleon Menu for Hippodrome Showing

Napoleon at the Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is proud to present this magnificent restoration in all its grandiose glory. It features an equally mammoth recorded score composed and conducted by Carl Davis. 

Sunday 20 November 2016 - Doors open 13.45pm

Napoleon at Hippodrome

You have the opportunity to be amongst the first to see this magnificent digitally re-mastered restoration and experience this exhilarating masterpiece as never before.  

Dinner at the Corbie Inn

Two- and three-course menu for the Dinner Interval. Enjoy a special evening meal between Acts 2 & 3 of Abel Gance’s heroic depiction of the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Booking is essential to ensure you are back in your seat in the Hippodrome in plenty time for Act 3 at 7.30pm.

Napoleon digitally re-mastered

Famed for its ground-breaking technical innovations – including its famous triptych finale – and a running time of 5 ½ hours, Gance’s silent screen epic traverses many of the formative experiences that shaped Napoleon’s rapid advancement.

Cool under pressure, Bonaparte overcomes fierce rivals, the deadly Terror and political machinations to seal his imperial destiny. 

Monumental and visionary, the story’s chapters play out in exhilarating fashion tied together by an incredible feat of editing and technical ingenuity. 


Doors Open - 13:45
Screening Event Starts / Act 1:  14:30 – 16:25 (1h 54m) (No Ads/Trailers)
Interval 16:25 – 16:55 (30m) 
Act 2:  16:55 – 18:00 (1h 4m)
Dinner Interval 18:00 – 19:30 (1h 30m) - Phone 01506 825307 to book

Act 3:  19:30 – 21:20 (1h 47m) 
Interval 21:20 – 21:50 (30m)
Act 4:  21:50 – 22:40 (47m) 

Event Ends: 22:40

'Every bit as remarkable now as it was in its day' - Film4

‘A genuine sensation’ – Martin Scorsese

An epic not to be missed!

Menu for Napoleon at the Hippodrome

The Corbie Crow