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Bar Lunches and Restaurant Meals

All about the Corbie Inn Restaurant and Bar Meals

Napoleon Menu for Hippodrome Showing

Napoleon at the Hippodrome

The Hippodrome is proud to present this magnificent restoration in all its grandiose glory. It features an equally mammoth recorded score composed and conducted by Carl Davis. 

Sunday 20 November 2016 - Doors open 13.45pm

Napoleon at Hippodrome

You have the opportunity to be amongst the first to see this magnificent digitally re-mastered restoration and experience this exhilarating masterpiece as never before.  

Dinner at the Corbie Inn

Two- and three-course menu for the Dinner Interval. Enjoy a special evening meal between Acts 2 & 3 of Abel Gance’s heroic depiction of the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Booking is essential to ensure you are back in your seat in the Hippodrome in plenty time for Act 3 at 7.30pm.

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Next Door Now Open

Restaurant/Function Space Now Open!

Open Fire Next Door

Although the first uses were the previous weekend with a couple of functions; one for a 40th birthday party on Saturday and the Best Bar None Annual Awards 2015 ceremony on Sunday night; Thursday evening saw the first night open for booked meals.

Thursday evening went pretty smoothly and Friday and Saturday the same.

For the first time on a busy weekend no-one needed to be turned away and James, our chef, agreed it was a perfect opportunity to test how we would all cope with the increase in demand.

Happily, both the kitchen and the serving staff were at the top of their game and there were no delays. 

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Bo'ness Fair Day Countdown - Not long Now!

Fair Day Food Menu

Fair Day Fare for Friday 28 June 2013

Before you know it, it will be here! Fair Day that is!

Those parents with children involved, whether main participants, arch-building, fund-raising and other necessary activities, or just taking part in the procession will be very aware just how close it is and how quickly it creeps up on you without realising it.

This year the Corbie Inn will be offering a wee respite from all the hectic goings-on with some festive fare to help relax and reminisce on the Best Day of the Year once again!

So book early and take that wee bit of pressure off knowing that you can relax and enjoy the rest of the day with some home-made food and a drink in a pleasant, family-friendly atmosphere.

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Cappucino Coffee - How it's done at the Corbie

Cappucino at the Corbie Inn

Not all pubs serve up coffee although it's getting better. Here at the Corbie Inn, although a real ale pub, we are getting a good reputation for our coffee as well.

Not only the quality of coffee!

It's not all down to the quality of the coffee, although it is the best, it's how it's made. And, we have some movers and shakers here to make it happen!

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Xmas - Eating out in Bo'ness

Christmas MenuEating out this Christmas in Bo'ness, hopefully at the Corbie Inn!

Having just officially opened on the 28 October this will be the Corbie Inn's first Christmas.

And, we are looking forward to it! From tomorrow, 1 December until Christmas Eve, we will be serving our Xmas Menu.

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