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Crow's Eyeview of Corbie Inn

Come fly with the crowHow our Crow sees Home!

Unlike our friendly crow who can soar above us all we are stuck down here on two feet and all we can do is look up.

Wouldn't it be an experience if we could 'Fly like a Bird' high in the sky, as only Mariah Carey can sing in her own inimitable way!

Flying Like a Bird

But with the help of technology we can get a pretty good idea what it might be like!

Using one of these new remote-control, high-flying camera gizmo things we can get up there with the crows and see what it might be like.

(Thanks to Charlie Simpson and his amazing flying gizmo!!)

Would be great to be up there with them and just swoop in whenever it took our fancy but for the time being looks like we are all just going to have to keep our feet firmly on the ground when next it's time to visit!

Hope it's not too long, cheers!

The Corbie Crow