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Bo'ness Explorer Scouts raise £1700 in One Day at the Corbie Inn!

Bo'ness Explorer ScoutsMini Real Ale Fest raised £1700 to buy extreme weather tents to give members a taste of the 'real' outdoors.

The Corbie Inn, Bo’ness - Friday 27 December 2013 - Although closed for the Xmas Break, the Corbie Inn opened its doors to the local Bo'ness Explorer Scout group.

Scouts raise £1700

The Explorer Scouts needed all all their talents to find and encourage both local businesses and local individuals to help by sponsoring 6+ ales, food and a range of prizes for their Special Prize Draw.

The main prize in the raffle was a Trip on the Explorer Scouts RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) from Port Edgar up and down the Forth under the Bridges with other prizes including special malts, wines, beers and more!

From the word ‘go’ it ‘Went like a fair’!

With some trepidation about what to expect, given the time of year, the doors were opened at the usual opening time of 12 noon but any fears of failure were quickly dispelled from the word 'go'!

There were eager supporters already waiting and that was to be the story of the day! It went 'Like a Fair', as the saying goes, all day long until closing time!

Everyone just seemed to want to enjoy themselves and they did! The Stovies only lasted until about 2pm but luckily the beers lasted almost to the end.

Craig Mathieson

Craig Mathieson, one of the scout leaders and regarded as Scotland's leading polar explorer said, "The response and support exceeded our wildest expectation and we are now able to go ahead and purchase the tents and other equipment that will be a significant benefit for the whole Explorer group and what we will now be able to do. A big thanks to the Corbie Inn and everyone who helped, supported and made it possible".

It’s the most pints of beer the Corbie Inn has ever sold in one day and that helped contribute to the fantastic amount of money raised.

Gail Fairholm, owner and landlady of the Corbie Inn said they were delighted to have opened for the day and happy it turned out such a resounding success.

As the board says, “Job Done People, Thank You!”

The Corbie Crow