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Corbie Inn’s Birthday Bash

Birthday Bash raising Cash for Charity

Go Commando Birthday Wishes

The Corbie Inn was 1 year old last week and there was a wee bash on Saturday 27 October from around 8pm.

I say around 8 as there was no fixed time to start or finish and anyone who came along could join in.

Go Commando

There was also a theme, Go Commando. Go Commando is a charity supporting the Royal Marines both at home and when on active duty.

Gail & Giles’ eldest son, Paul, is a serving member of the Royal Marines and currently deployed in Afghanistan so it was not too difficult to decide what the charity being supported was going to be!

The staff also got into the spirit of the occasion and got blacked up and dressed in camouflage gear.

Going Commando

In support of the charity there was a raffle and 10p from every pint sold of Cottleigh Commando was being donated to their funds. Cottleigh Commando is brewed by Cottleigh Brewery which is pretty close to the Marine’s home barracks down in the south of England.

Charitable or Stupid!

Whichever it turned out to be, one of the staff, Ally (that's him at the back, trying to escape), ?agreed? to have his legs waxed on the following Tuesday at the Halloween Quiz, with the proceeds also going to Go Commando (watch this space for pics).

The Corbie Crow