Beers and Lagers

Extensive range of standard beers and lagers

For non-real ale fans or those who have not had the opportunity of trying a good cask beer the Corbie Inn has a full range of standard beers and lagers most of which you will recognise and perhaps a couple that you might not and might want to get acquainted with!  

Range of standard beers and lagers

The Corbie Inn offers all the beers and lagers that you might expect all kept at the same high standard of all the beers offered.

Standard Range includes:-

  • Belhaven Best
  • Guinness Stout
  • Strongbow Cider
  • Tennants Lager
  • West St Mungo Lager

In addition to the above range of beers, lagers, stout and cider on draught there is also a good selection of bottled beers to choose from.

So, if you haven't visited yet, what are you waiting on; pop in to see us at the Corbie Inn At Corbiehall! There's a good pint of whatever takes your fancy just waiting for you!

The Corbie Crow