Real Ales and Cask Beers

Real Beers with Real Taste

Selection of Real AlesThe resurgence in real ales is both heart-warming and encouraging and not just because the Corbie Inn hopes to become the place to come to for a great selection of real ales from around the UK.

It's encouraging as more people are realising just how enjoyable they are and often surprised just how many different ones there are to sample.

New breweries opening all the time!

Sparging the WortIt was estimated that 99 new micro breweries opened for business in the UK in the last 12 months. Our own Kinneil Brew Hoose attached to the pub is just one of them!

Just like the Corbie Inn itself they are bucking the trend and are confident that if you provide the best of service and quality then it is a recipe for success.

With all the existing and new breweries up-and-running there are more than enough real ales for us all to sample and enjoy!

The Corbie Inn's main objective is to offer a range and variety of the very best of these ales and beers giving the opportunity for patrons to taste & try before you buy!

Taste & Try!

There are that many different ales it is impossible that every one will be to your taste. Some of us like our ales to be a bit sweeter, a bit more bitter, light, dark or just what takes our fancy at the time!

To help you decide if it is for you, you can jump right in and have a pint but if your not entirely sure then you have two other measures you can choose. 

The Corbie Inn not only enable you to try a half-pint but also offer a third-pint measure so if you really don't like one of the ales you don't have to finish a full pint or waste it by throwing it away.

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