Real ale and beers at the Corbie InnReal Ales & Cask Beers at the Corbie Inn at Corbiehall in Bo'ness

The pub was launched as a venue for the enjoyment of real cask ales and beers

There are a growing number of good small and micro breweries popping up everywhere. And, thank goodness for that!

Real ale is naturally produced generally from locally grown materials and we know of a number of small brewers growing their own hops even here in Scotland.

Selection of Other Beers

Although the focus is on real ales and cask beers, it might not be everyone's cup of tea, so in addition there is a full range of other beers and lagers to suit most tastes.

But, you won't be able to try any unless you pop in and have a taste. There will be one that is right up your street!

Real Ale Pubs in Linlithgow for Cask Beers

Campaign for Real AleAnother pub for the lovers of real ale in Linlithgow

Real ale pubs in Linlithgow have led the way for a good number of years keeping real ale where it deserves to be. Right there in public view.

Pubs like The Four Mary's, Platform 3 and others in Linlithgow have rightly received accolades and been awarded by both CAMRA and Cask Marque for the range and quality of the beers and ales they offer to their regulars and visitors to Linlithgow alike.

When in Linlithgow they are an obvious destination for lovers of real ales and cask beers and well worth a visit.

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Real Ales and Cask Beers

Selection of great real alesReal Beers with Real Taste

The resurgence in real ales is both heart-warming and encouraging and not just because the Corbie Inn hopes to become the place to come to for a great selection of real ales from around the UK.

It's encouraging as more people are realising just how enjoyable they are and often surprised just how many different ones there are to sample.

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Beers and Lagers

Full range of standard beers and lagersExtensive range of standard beers and lagers

For non-real ale fans or those who have not had the opportunity of trying a good cask beer the Corbie Inn has a full range of standard beers and lagers most of which you will recognise and perhaps a couple that you might not and might want to get acquainted with! 

The Corbie Inn offers all the beers and lagers that you might expect all kept at the same high standard of all the beers offered.

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