About The Corbie Inn


The Corbie Inn in Corbiehall, Bo'ness

The Corbie Inn opened on Friday 28 October 2011.

After 2 years of refurbishment (a lot more than was expected), essential building repairs, other delays and bureaucratic holdups at 5pm that Friday, the doors of the bar finally opened.

Since opening the pub, response has been overwhelmingly positive about the refurbishment itself and about both the real ales and drinks on offer, and the food.

It makes the delays and frustrations a lot easier to accept and now, some even seem a distant memory!


The Lounge
& Restaurant

Although the bar was open, that was not the end of it!

It was only the beginning! The intention was always to open both as a pub and restaurant. The opening of the pub was only the first stage of the plan.

The opening of the restaurant would take a bit longer as there was still a fair bit of building work to be carried out in the adjacent area that would become the restaurant.

With the success of the pub opening, the potential for a good but not overly priced eatery looked to have an equally favourable potential.

It took another 4 years, with trials and tribulations along the way but on Thursday 12 November 2015, the first bookings were taken.

Restaurant Diners

Next Door!

Providing the highest quality food, value and service


The Beer Garden

Despite a few ‘little’ hiccups with licensing the beer garden, at the back of pub, was officially opened of Thursday 13 June 2013. 

Even not fully finished, there was already a good number of patrons enjoy the pleasure of sitting and eating outside in that elusive thing we call sunshine!

And the good news was that the beer garden was open for the Bo’ness Children’s Fair Day Annual Celebration.